Wednesday, 13. November 2019


ZiTex provides services to the textiles and clothing industry which improve the medium and long-term prospects of the companies and research bodies in the industry. This strategy of improving general framework, efficiency and competitiveness of companies, employees and research institutions is based on a combination of the principles of

  • focussing resources,
  • consolidating strengths, and
  • active implementation.

The following factors are taken into account when defining ZiTex' operational objectives:

  • Which services led to success in the past?
  • Which services are actually required by companies, employees and research institutions?
  • Which services are not provided by other organisations or textile industry associations?
  • Which new services should be introduced?

The following operational objectives are defined on the basis of the answers to the above questions:

  • Pooling of stakeholders and people with an interest in the industry and pooling of stakeholders and persons with an interest in upstream and downstream industries.
  • Political support for the interests of the industry (structural support from the State Government of North Rhine-Westphalia and from specific central government departments and European Union bodies).
  • Improvement of the performance and competitiveness of enterprises and research institutions working in the fields of innovation, training, resources (energy, water etc.) and sector image.

These objectives also define the content structure of services.

The target groups are therefore:

  1. Politicians, civil servants and multipliers.
  2. Employers and employees in the textile and clothing industry.
  3. Research and training institutions for the textile and clothing industry.
  4. Regional public industries and
  5. related industries (upstream and downstream), e.g. chemical and engineering industries, retail trade.


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